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Welcome to EasyTrapani - all-in-one destination for planning your dream holidays in Western Sicily! Get inspired and join one of our guided historical, cultural and naturalistic excursions or sea tours. Looking for a place to stay? Check our wide selection of rooms, apartments, B&Bs, holiday houses, Villas, Residences, Baglios, Estates, Resorts, Hotels in the region of Trapani - and pick a perfect holiday spot for yourself, your family and friends. You can also rent a car or arrange an airport transfer with us. Book a private traditional cooking class or purchase Sicilian delicacies and wine. There is a lot to choose from - therefore, find inspirations by visiting our website and contact us to make your trip to Western Sicily a dream come true!

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You will find here a selection of articles regarding Trapani and West Sicily - and a whole bunch of useful, interesting and anecdotal facts about this fascinating land, sea and its people: the Sicilian nation.