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13 december is the arancina’s day.

Every year on 13th December - the feast of Santa Lucia of Syracuse - whole Sicily celebrates the favourite local street food specialities: arancine!

Don’t get mislead by its name - arancina (‘small orange’) has nothing to do with actual citruses and refers to the shape of this beloved by Sicilians snack made of deep fried rice balls and variety of delicious fillings. Although the most traditional ones include red meat sauce (arancina al ragu) or mozzarella, ham and butter (arancina al burro), there seem to be a never-ending variety of its flavours - from seafood and various cheesy options to pesto, vegetables and even pistachios (famous in Catania)!

The snack has been a part of the regional culinary traditions for hundred of years already, with its beginnings going back to the Medieval times when the Arabs first introduced rice to Sicily. With years, it has also grown to be perceived as a symbol of a well-known antagonism between the East and the West of Sicily. The difference starts with the name itself: arancino or arancina, male or female? In the East of the island, the snack - shaped more like a pear, with a pointy top and a wider bottom - takes on the male form (‘arancino’), whereas in the West (including Trapani!), it is known as a curvy perfectly round female - ‘arancina’. Who is right? Well, let us leave this question unanswered… :)

As always, we invite you to find out more about this delicious local street food speciality with us! EasyTrapani organises cooking classes on/of the best of Sicilian treats and traditional dishes. And what is a better way to explore the flavours of the island than spending an afternoon making a batch of arancine yourself? :)

Let us know if you would like to book a cooking workshop for your next visit in Sicily! And for now - you can also try to make some arancine at home! Check the photos for the recipes. Buon appetito!

13 december is the arancina’s day.


Connected to the saints day of santa lucia, from Siracusa. According to the legend, she died for her christian faith by who was killed for her Christian faith by removing her eyes. Rice and eyes are kept in gastronomy tradition through another food of the day called cuccia: cooked grains that looked like eyes cuccia with ricotta cream , mixed with ‘mosto cotto’, cuccia with mosto cotto

Arancina means small orange and is in fact the shape of this bowl of rice

Arancina – arancino is a symbol of the antagonism bewteen Palermo and Catania, as lons as the ancient differentation between western and eastern sicily, the phoenician and the greek sicily, an ancient division which was also due to the long double river hymera that from th e center of sicily was going to the north coast in the existing area of termini imerese, and just opposite to the south of Sicily between Agrigento and Gela




Rice in sicilian agriculture history

according to legends, rice arrived in sicily with the arabs during the middle ages and sicilians were the first europeans to get to know the rice. cultivation went on for centuries until the xixth century, when because of the unification of Italy, sicilian rice has been even forbidden for letting the rice fields of Piedmont (the invasors) to be mostly the main of all Italy. after totally disappearing as production, rice is now starting to be produced again after more than one century






However, tradition never ended and arancina or arancino has been always a leading street food and home made snack. This is why Arancino and Arancina can be considered a Nationalistic Sicilian food, symbol of independent Sicilian culture

Cooking class

you can do cooking class about the art of arancina with us!

Where to find: breadshops, any restoration food shops like bars


Type of arancina: burro (with ham and cheese), meat (ragu) etc all those by the pic: scoglio (seafruits), salmone, seppia nero di, aubergines, vegetarian, mushrooms, artichokes, spinach, sausage, four cheeses, meat, ham


Arancina recipe: made it at home by yourself


Ingredients for 40 Arancine

Rice Kg.1

Grated Parmesan cheese gr.100

Butter gr.100

Eggs 4

Béchamel sauce lt.1

Breadcrumbs gr.100

Garlic 1


Ingredients and preparation of condiments


"Meat sauce":


minced meat mixed 500g

peas average gr.200

carrots 2 tomato paste in tin gr.200

onion 1




Preparation: Fry the chopped onion and chopped carrots along with add the tomato paste and a bit of water salt and pepper and cook for about 30 minutes







baked ham gr.100

mixed cheeses (mozzarella / Provola / type Belpaese) gr.100


reduce everything to small Cubes





Ingredients: artichokes 6

mixed cheeses (mozzarella / Provola / type Belpaese) gr.100



cut artichokes into small pieces

cook them in a pan with oil and a clove of garlic

salt and pepper

Bake for about 20 minutes




Ingredients: Champignon mushrooms 300 g

mixed cheeses (mozzarella / Provola / type Belpaese) gr.100


and now the clue, the real method to make Arancine according to Emilia, our chief



Cut the mushrooms into small pieces

cook them in oil and garlic, for about 20 minutes

salt and pepper


Cook the rice in separate container


mix with parmesan, butter and put the béchamel sauce

let cool

add two whole eggs plus two egg yolks (set aside the egg white that will be used later)

Moisten your hands and form manually rice balls

puncture the rice balls and put a teaspoon of sauce béchamel

then enter the type of favorite dressing

prepare a bowl with the egg white of two eggs + create a dish with breadcrumbs

close the hole and put the arancine in the egg white and in the breadcrumbs

cook them in hot oil until they get a golden brown colour



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