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Virtual Tour - Online Lessons: History of Sicily

Join me online for History lessons about Sicily!


These lessons will introduce you to the last 70,000 years about Sicily. Book a time travelling experience made by online lessons using existing digital tools like Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype and learn more about the captivating history of the island of Sicily - heart of the Mediterranean Sea - with me: Gianni Grillo. 

Each lesson can be personalized and customized for subjects regarding the history of Sicily from ancient time to contemporary history.

Each course can be general or cover one or more of the following subjects (itinerary)

Especially, you are free to ask me a customization based on your interests for particular events and subjects connected to the history of Sicily

The lessons / course is for 4 hours. you can decide to do it in one day or two or four different days. If it is a one day course, it will be for 4 hours during that day. If it is a two days course, it will be for example for 2 hours one day and 2 hours the second agreed day. If it is in four different days, it can be for 1 hour for each day.

The lessons can be planned to be done in front of a screen in a face to face experience. Moreover, we can plan that the lesson will be in a particular site / place in Sicily where you will see on the screen and live the historical place.

For instance, this is very useful for archeological sites Segesta, Agrigento or historical towns like Erice, Trapani, etc.



  1. Prehistoric Sicily - from 70,000 B.C. to end of Ice Age - Würm glaciation

  2. Prehistoric Sicily from end of Ice Age to the appearance of first ancient civilizations

  3. Sicans and Sicels Civilizations

  4. Elymians Civilization

  5. Phoenician Civilization

  6. Greek Civilization

  7. Sicily and Rome Civilization (Republic and Empire)

  8. Sicily in the Byzantine - Eastern Roman Empire

  9. Sicily in the Arab Empire

  10. The Norman Kingdom of Sicily

  11. Sicily in the German Holy Roman Empire

  12. The French domination and the Revolution for the Independence (Vespers)

  13. Aragon Sicily

  14. Sicily in the Spanish Empire

  15. Sicily in the XVIII century

  16. The kingdom of the two Sicilies

  17. Sicily in the Kingdom of Italy, migration diaspora and birth of Mafia - Cosa Nostra

  18. Contemporary Sicily from the Second World War to today time


I am the consequence of love and passion for my town Trapani and my island Sicily. Specialist about Historical, Cultural and Enogastronomic tourism and lessons

I believes that every vacation, trip and online lesson should be a unique and personalised experience. My aim is to make you not only fall in love with Sicily (that would be too easy!) - but to make you wish to come and discover a Sicilian soul inside you. The reason why I enjoy my activity of being a personal guide and online history teacher is because I can really let visitors and students to really deeply experience the history, geography, culture and society of Sicily. What I especially focus my attention is the time travelling experience of teaching history online and on the fields here in Sicily.


You can read some opinions about my wide cultural and especially historical knowledge about Sicily below: a few public comments available on social networks and collected for the cultural, enogastronomy and historical tours and excursions activities made in Western Sicily:


“His knowledge of the history and culture of western Sicily is phenomenal. We learned an entire course in western civilization in 5 hours. We only wish we could spend another day learning more”

Teri (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/2Vmbale


“If you want to know western Sicily, look no further than Easy Trapani - they can do it all. Our family will be forever grateful to Gianni for helping us to connect to our Sicilian heritage”

Peter (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/2ySqHlh


“Gianni has a deep knowledge about history”

Cristian (Brasil) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/2XBOAIm


“It was absolutely fabulous! Gianni is extremely knowledgeable about the history of this part of Sicily as well as of the food and wines of the region”

Billy (Unites States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/34Bzdkm


“His knowledge base of history, geography, and wines of Sicily is amazing and even better, he conveys his information in an extremely entertaining way as well”

Meredith (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/3eoM120


“Gianni has an incredible knowledge of the country, people and of course the wine! We were happy to listen to him with his charming, funny manner and learned a lot about Sicily and its winegrowing!”

Nigel (Germany) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/3b9WQDk


“Gianni is incredibly knowledgeable about everything in the region and is fascinating to listen to. He has a great sense of humor and is generally wonderful to spend the day with”

Stephanie (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/2wIAUAe


“Gianni is an extremely knowledgeable guide, eager to share his historical, cultural, literary, and culinary expertise… Segesta was a highlight, where Gianni's history background and current research added much more than you can get get from the guidebooks. Aside from his intellect, he is a generous and thoughtful man”

Susan (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/2RB1aUr


“Gianni is incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the region and kept our attention all day with his fascinating stories”

Guy (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/3a40RYp


“Gianni was raised in Trapani, and his appreciation for his home town is evident. He knows the historical significance of the region and is able to clearly communicate that information. He spent a few years in the US, followed by 10 years in London, so his command of the English language is excellent!”

Dall (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/3b4TLUW


“We learned about the incredible history of western Sicily… He was very easy to deal with, extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating and fun!”

Jenna (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/34A3ikx


“Gianni talked about and discussed with us many topics related to wine, growing and processing grapes and how it all related to Sicilian history and culture among other things”

Joe (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/2V7Xzz9


“Gianni has a degree in history in addition to being a wonderful person... we learned so much about the local history, food and wine culture”

Megan (United Kingdom) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/2V9hca1


“He helped us understand the importance of Trapani”

Pete (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/2V96ZKQ


“Gianni Grillo our guide is an exceptional local historian. His knowledge is broad and deep. We were so impressed with him… "Mafia History": this was not a typical tourist show, but rather a fantastic lesson in the history of crime and the ugly truths behind the myths”

Thomas (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/34CzAvl


“Gianni is a historian who has earned advanced degrees from European and American institutions. I highly recommend him... Gianni explained important events that were truly "eye opening" ! His knowledge of history was evident in that he wasn't just reading a script and was able to answer questions and fill in the details that made the history of Trapani come alive for us”

Renee (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/3catrce


“Gianni is very knowledgeable about the history of Sicily and the mafia”

Michael (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/3ekIkKX


“Gianni's knowledge of the area in unsurpassed”

Maria (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/3cmV6H3


“Having studied history, Gianni was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and his field and we learnt a lot”

Sian (United Kingdom) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/3eidy5k


“We learned a lot about the local history and wine-making”

Judy (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/2RAUGEM


“Giovan is very, very knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions you may have”

Rob (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/3eljESl


“Gianni shared his wealth of knowledge of culture and history. It really was an amazing Sicilian experience. HIGHLY recommended!”

Ximby (United States) - Tripadvisor: https://bit.ly/3bcNk2m


“His knowledge of Trapani (and history in general) is mind bending!”

Dawnmarie (United States) - Facebook: https://bit.ly/2ygCmtM


“Gianni has proven to be a person of a superfine culture, he has transmitted to us the passion he has for your land, he has told us various historical and linguistic anecdotes, he has told us about the Sicilian culinary evolution and has also proved himself an expert in wines ...the sensitivity with which he guided us in this part of Sicily really impressed us”

Lucia (Italy) - Facebook: https://bit.ly/3ekP8Iv


“Gianni is nice, very well prepared in terms of history and knowledge of places not mentioned in the tourist guides”

Davide (Italy) - Facebook: https://bit.ly/34FFdIX


“Your extensive knowledge of the history of Sicily was incredible and you were able to paint a picture of Sicily past and present.You answered all our questions and gave us so much history at the beautiful ruins of the temple at Segesta…”

Anna (United States) - Facebook: https://bit.ly/2XA6efr



€25 per person up to 4 people minimum = €100

€20 each additional people after 4 persons

€100 per person (if one person only - total = €100)

€50 per person (if two persons only - total = €100)

€30 per person (if three persons only - total = €90)


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