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General Historical Excursion in Trapani and Erice

Time travel in Trapani and Erice

Time travelling along the paths of the ancient civilizations: Elymians and Phoenicians. Here we are in Erice, where you can still find Phoenician letters written on the town walls from VIII B.C., 2.800 years ago


The historical excursion is a journey through time in the places of Western Sicily


An example of such a tour is a walk in Trapani or in Erice.


Trapani: the route weaves through the main streets of the historic center and other highlights in less frequented streets and alleys. You will meet various testimonies of civilizations of the past such as the city walls, the Colombaia tower, both of Punic origin. There is the possibility of entering the oldest churches in the city, first Greek Orthodox places of worship, then Muslim mosques, ending up being Latin Catholic churches. You can see the different centuries that flow in the palaces of the main streets. We will stop in the esoteric Saturn square, where sacred and profane are mixed between Jewish heritage of the city, esoteric knowledge hidden in the Rose Crown symbols of the Santo Agostino church as well as in symbolic statue of Saturn on its old fountain.




Erice: the historical tour of Erice (original name Eryx) starts from an ancestral past, of which the last remote memories are left by the civilization of the Elymians, legendary population of Western Sicily, whose origins are left between legends and mythology. Erice is magical and hyperdimensional, after having met Erice, the perspective that one places in life will change. Erice is characterized by an eccentric shape of an equilateral triangle, placed on a mountain of just over 750 meters, surrounded by the valley and the sea on its three sides, a pyramid that is mirrored in front of another (may be) natural pyramid: Monte Cofano.


Erice, destination of pilgrims and religious place, seat of the sanctuary of Astarte, then Aphrodite, then Venus; the place of worship of the Elymians, whose capital was Segesta.


Today Erice is a pleasant village consisting of just less than 150 people in winter, number rising to over 5000 in summer. It is said that there are almost 100 churches in Erice, nearly one for every real resident of the village. Sign of a more flourishing and lively past, since the inhabitants of Erice were even 10,000. However, although few people, there are many houses, making Erice, a ghost village in winter, even more fascinating when thick is the fog and above all with wind, frost and after sunset.


Pleasant walk in Erice among those ancient churches and uninhabited houses mainly dating back to historical periods already far from us as the nineteenth century. We will observe the harmony of the mainly pedestrian paving, careful not to slip, this paving dates back to 1801 and maintains the style of that Erice of the early nineteenth century.


The Matrice church, the castles and the Balio garden are symbolic places of the village of Erice and places steeped in centuries of history, symbols, cultures and esoteric knowledge


Erice also maintains a long wall of Punic Elymian origin: even today it is possible to glimpse Phoenician letters between a boulder and another


The history of Erice also passes through ceramics and gastronomy: it is advisable to visit the laboratories and ceramic shops, as well as the confectioneries of the characteristic ancient almond sweets and the sweet of Erice called 'Genovese', also a testimony of a past when the Republic of Genoa, from end of the second half of the Middle Ages to Modern History,, was present in the trades, economics and culture of Trapani and Erice.


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Led by Gianni Grillo or local guide

All entrance fees included

Hotel pickup included

Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences

Vegetarian meal option available


The tour includes:

Local guide

Entrance fees

Lunch (full-day tour only)

Hotel pick-up (round-trip shared transfer)


Additional info:

No age restrictions for the tour 

Vegetarian and vegan meal options are available (please advise at time of booking if required)

Half-day tour can be combined with other tours and excursions (please get in touch to discuss the available options)

Lunch for a half-day tour can be purchased for an extra cost of 20 euro (please advise at time of booking if interested)

Tour language options: English, Polish, Italian, Lithuanian and Hungarian(for Polish, Lithuanian and Hungarian - please advise at the time of booking)


A pick-up can be arranged from any place in the district of Trapani (Trapani, Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Alcamo, San Vito lo Capo, Erice, Castelvetrano, Castellamare del Golfo and other towns in the area)

A pick-up can be arranged from any place in the district of Palermo and Agrigento for additional trasport cost of €100 up to 4 people


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Full-day General Historical Excursion in Trapani and Erice (from 3 persons)

A full-day General Historical Excursion in Trapani and Erice including a lunch

From €120.00


Half-day General Historical Excursion in Trapani and Erice (from 3 persons)

A half-day General Historical Excursion in Trapani and Erice. (Can be combined with other half-day tours and excursions)

From €60.00


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Full day 1 person tour: €300

Half day 1 person tour: €150

Full day 2 persons tour: €150 each person

Full day 2 persons tour: €75 each person

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