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No Mafia Tour = Antimafia Tour

No Mafia Tour = Antimafia Tour

Immerse yourself in the history of the Sicilian Mafia in this cultural tour. Visit some of the places related to the history of the Sicilian Mafia in Western Sicily and get to know past and recent events according to an obvious perspective against the mafia. Choose from a tour of half day (4-5 hours) to make for example, a visit to the Museum of the Mafia in Salemi, or, the international Center of documentation on the Mafia and movement antimafia CIDMA, also called Museum of the Mafia and anti-Mafia in Corleone. Alternatively, you can opt for a full day in a 8-10 hours tour, with a visit to one or both museums; moreover, other places and sites of interest, reflection, inspiration for a deep understanding of what is, what was and because the Mafia in the meaning of the organization Cosa Nostra will have its end.

During the tour, you will hear Gianni Grillo tell the history of Contemporary Sicily and the origins and events of the phenomenon of the Mafia up today, facing anecdotes about it.

There will be the space and time for a lunch break and you can also put the attention to the beauty of Sicily from natural, sightseeing, architectural perspectives in the countryside and towns.

The journey can start in Trapani or Palermo and then going for example to the Museum of the Sicilian Mafia in Salemi - a testimony on the origins of the Mafia and its influence over the course of history of Sicily from 1860 to date. In addition, the tour can include a visit around the old towns of Trapani, Palermo and other places of Western Sicily: Castelvetrano, Alcamo, Castellammare del Golfo, Cinisi, not only then, Salemi and Corleone: place of CIDMA, very interesting for understanding what is “Antimafia”, and for the removal of many stereotypes in the collective imaginary of a visitor in Sicily: a clear example is considering the Mafia what is only shown in the misleading movie trilogy 'the Godfather'.

If you follow a full-day tour program, we will dive more deeply into the world of the Sicilian Mafia, exploring its different facets. You will visit more than one place and will be a broader understanding about the influence of Cosa Nostra crime that continues to exert on Sicilian society, and this has to be clear that it is very bad for Sicily and Sicilians. We feel the duty to inform and seek the truth, let those visiting Sicily, to understand what Mafia really is, because even the Mafia tour is an action AGAINST the Mafia



'The mafia kills. The silence too '

Peppino Impastato


'Who is afraid dies every day. who is not afraid only die once '

Paolo Borsellino


Writes Antonino Uccello: "No Sicilian vocabulary published before 1860 contains the word mafia, whose fortune has been between 1860 and 1870, so that in 1868 Traina in his vocabulary already has more than half a column dedicated to the Mafia voice and its derivatives, explicitly stating that it was a "neologism" but without specifying which, in reality, there was not the meaning of that word precisely in those years. In the wake of Traina in affirming that it is the new entry Mortillare who, while in the first (1838) and in the second edition (1862) of its vocabulary does not record the word, in that of 1881, under the Mafia voice writes: "Piedmont item introduced in the rest of Italy. equal to Camorra", a definition where it is noticeable the "Sicilianist" mood after the fracture created between North and South through a bitter and spiteful polemic of the islanders against the Piedmontese invaders, while no evidence is given of 'Piedmontese' origin of the word "{...}" in reality it was a neologism only from the semantic point of view, because, as Pitrè warned, mafia and mafiusu already existed, probably for a long time, in Sicily, referring to handsome and brave man, a beautiful woman, provocative, and were in the same direction also attributed to animals and things" and Pitre stated: "But unfortunately after 1860 things have changed appearance and for many people the word mafiusu no longer had its original and primitive many". The term mafia, even in different shades, globally went to mean, therefore, in the years immediately after the unification, crime and specific crime. The behavior and practice taken as a model by Italian law clashed against a reality that did not allow the practicality of these models and therefore needed to undergo a process of negativity.

Mariano Meligrana

On the origin and social role of the Mafia



November 1977 42/43

"The Western world trend is to exorcise evil by projecting it on ethnic groups and behaviors that seem different from ours. But if we want to effectively combat the Mafia, we must not turn into a monster nor think it's an octopus or a cancer. We must recognize that resembles us. "

Giovanni Falcone

"The Mafia in Trapani - the Switzerland of the Mafia - it's like the fog in Milan: When there is, you do not see"

Gianni Grillo



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Led by Gianni Grillo or local guide

All entrance fees included

Hotel pickup included

Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences

Vegetarian meal option available


The tour includes:

Local guide

Entrance fees

Lunch (full-day tour only)

Hotel pick-up (round-trip shared transfer)


Additional info:

No age restrictions for the tour

Vegetarian and vegan meal options are available (please advise at time of booking if required)

Half-day tour can be combined with other tours and excursions (please get in touch to discuss the available options)

Lunch for a half-day tour can be purchased for an extra cost of 20 euro (please advise at time of booking if interested)

Tour language options: English, Polish, Italian, Lithuanian and Hungarian(for Polish, Lithuanian and Hungarian - please advise at the time of booking)


A pick-up can be arranged from any place in the district of Trapani (Trapani, Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Alcamo, San Vito lo Capo, Erice, Castelvetrano, Castellammare del Golfo and other towns in the area)

A pick-up can be arranged from any place in the district of Palermo and Agrigento for additional transport cost of €100 up to 4 people


Departure point

From your hotel/accommodations


Departure time

Full-day trip - morning

Half-day trip - morning or afternoon

The exact departure time is flexible and can be customized to match your itinerary





Returns to original departure point






We had a wonderful tour and even though it started out as a Mafia tour, our guide, Gianni, accommodated us when we came upon an Italian sports car race in Erice (where we had a difficult time getting my husband to steel himself away from the cars) and then we found the Cous Cous Festival in San Vito lo Capo. So our Mafia education was shortened by a fun filled day. We were touring for 10 days and this was by far our favorite day.



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