Easy Trapani: Historical Tours - Car Rental - Food and Wine
Easy Trapani: Historical Tours - Car Rental - Food and Wine
Easy Trapani: Historical Tours - Car Rental - Food and Wine
Easy Trapani: Historical Tours - Car Rental - Food and Wine
Easy Trapani: Historical Tours - Car Rental - Food and Wine
Easy Trapani: Historical Tours - Car Rental - Food and Wine
Easy Trapani: Historical Tours - Car Rental - Food and Wine
Easy Trapani: Historical Tours - Car Rental - Food and Wine

Volkswagen Polo – Citroen C3 – Renault Clio – Ford Fiesta – Toyota Yaris – Opel Corsa – Dacia Sandero – Dacia Stepway o modelli simili


Car Rental all inclusive

Below, characteristics of the offer, car models from the last year, or from recent years. Availability for all of Sicily and airports, with free deliveries at airports in Catania, Palermo, Trapani and main cities

One day of car rental is equivalent to 24 hours of service. For example: service starts at 10.00 – service ends at 9.59 the following day

  • Without credit card
  • Second Driver Free
  • SuperCasco Total Insurance
  • Insurance coverage without deductible – zero deductible
  • No age limit for car driving
  • 24 hour consignation
  • Unlimited kilometres

Rent your car at an excellent quality/price ratio. Our cars have (almost all) the following characteristics:

  • Air conditioning
  • Rear ventilation vents and pollen filter
  • Bumpers in car colour
  • Defrostable electric exterior mirrors with external temperature sensor
  • Chrome rings on air vents and chrome inserts on door armrests
  • Electronic anti-theft
  • Alzacristalli elettrici anteriori con funzione auto e antipizzicamento
  • Telecomando apertura/chiusura porte
  • Apertura elettrica portellone con sistema “logo push”
  • Plafoniera anteriore con spot e plafoniera posteriore
  • Quadro strumenti con trip computer e sistema my car
  • Mobiletto centrale con portabicchieri
  • Sedile guida con regolazione in altezza
  • Sedile posteriore sdoppiato (3 posti) 60/40
  • Appoggiatesta anteriori e posteriori regolabili in altezza
  • Servosterzo elettrico
  • Kit multiuso riparazione pneumatici (Fix & Go)
  • ABS + EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution)
  • Airbag frontali (airbag conducente con sistema Smart Dual Stage)
  • Airbag laterali anteriori
  • Disattivazione airbag passeggero da sistema My Car
  • Cinture di sicurezza anteriori con pretensionatore
  • Limitatore di carico e sensore di allacciamento


Car Rental Option

  • With supercasco insurance (covers 100% of the events);
  • Payment without credit card obligation: you can pay by cash, debit card, bank transfer, or if you wish, even by credit card (but it is not necessary, it is not mandatory).
  • Supercasco insurance covers any accident (even those for which the driver who rented the car is responsible), theft, fire, damage to the bodywork, damage to the roof, damage to the underbody, glass, wheels, interior upholstery: everything!
  • You can choose the category and not the model. You can specify your favorite model, we do not guarantee that we will give you that model, if possible yes, if not, you will receive any other type of car in your chosen category, or if no car available in your chosen category, we will give you an upgrade, a higher category car at no extra cost.
  • To book, simply make an advance payment by bank transfer or PayPal and then use any credit card, debit card, prepaid card, etc.


Bank account details

  • Account Holder Name: EASY TRAPANI S.R.L.S.
  • Bank/Payment institution: Revolut Bank UAB
  • IBAN: LT433250077330093885
  • Bank/Payment institution address: Dane konta bankowego
  • Beneficiary address: Via Colonnello Romej 68, Sicily, 91100, Trapani, Italy

For more information, contact me.


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    Our car rental availability is for a minimum of 3 days from September to June, and minimum 5 days in July and August.


    Additional Informations


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    "I would like to warn you about car rental broker websites.

    I would like to warn you about car rental broker websites. They do not properly offer you a total super casco insurance like what I am able to offer. Usually, their insurance is a third party insurance, connected to the broker website and not the car rental operator. It means that, if accidents or other issues will happen, firstly, you will pay all the eventual insurance costs; then, you have to claim the amount to the third party insurance company. Process is not always smooth, and due to hidden clauses, length of time for claiming, amount of necessary documentation, travellers can risk the total or partial amount of the paid costs.

    Moreover, there is the obligation to submit the driver’s credit card; there is also a relevant deposit to leave.

    A classical experience is that customers will arrive at the desk and they will realise that the insurance is not a proper total super casco insurance and they will feel obliged and forced to subscribe for additional insurance. Just in that moment, those travellers who compared the total price between EasyTrapani and other car rental operators, will realise that EasyTrapani was the most convenient either for price and terms / conditions about the car rental quote.

    With EasyTrapani, you do not need any credit card with super casco insurance; everything can be solved with any method of payments: cash, debit card, paypal, satispay, credit card. Another crucial thing to be taken into account when you rent a car is to check reviews and references for the car rental operator: sometimes, you can read good reviews and sometimes bad reviews. You have to consider how sometimes the car rental operators speculate on insurance issues and other penalties, making customers pay unfair rates. Additionally, the corporate approach between the car rental company and their customers do not leave space for human understanding and touch

    I hope with this additional information to clarify to you why it is good to rent a car with EasyTrapani under my supervision.

    Gianni Grillo

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